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Tuesday, September 25, 2012


The miracle of life! Microscopic at conception!
The fetus grows
And grows, And grows,
Until another miracle happens,
The fetus divides, and then divides again, into triplets, Henri, Helen, and Leslie.
The gender of Leslie isn’t clear,
but one thing is certain Mother loves them all equally.

At first they enjoy each other’s company, but at about the seventh month, they become aware that their space is becoming cramped. As one moves an arm or a leg one of the others gets poked. Henri dislikes his brother, Leslie, and Helen resents her sister, Leslie, and Leslie only knows that Henri and Helen are being very mean.

By the eighth month, the zero dimensional womb is becoming unbearable. Something must be done about Leslie! Something must be done about Henri and Helen!
They have no idea; no perception of the realm of three dimensions that awaits them.

Mama sings to them, and reads to them, and soothes them with her loving hands. Three more weeks! “Oh please Lord! Give me strength!”

Finally! One of the three gets a glimpse of light! The cervix is beginning to open. One of the three is moving under great stress! The head is out and then the shoulders.

“She is gone”, cried Helen. “Where did she go?”
“Gone forever!”, cried Henri, “we will never see him again”.
Before Henri could collect his thoughts, Helen was also gone.
 “Oh no! “, he thought, “I am all alone; is this the end? Is this all there is to life?” With no further time to worry Henri feels himself moving headlong down that same channel and through the cervix into the light.
What a strange experience! Frightening! Even with his eyes closed he could sense the light. Then he feels the slap on his buttocks, and he wails uncontrollably, and for the first time he feels air in his lungs.

He isn’t dead so where are his sister and brother? It will take him several lifetimes to realize the magnificence of this new realm of three dimensions.
Each time he learns something new, he is sure that now he has learned all there is to know. How could there possibly be more?
When his eyes finally open, he is amazed at what he sees. His sense of wonder is overwhelming. Every direction he turns, his mind is filled with questions.
Where do babies come from, Momma? Where do people go when they die? Why do people kill each other? Why do those people hate us? Why do we hate them?

Years later he is still filled with wonder, still questioning, but now he also has a sense of his mortality, and once again he wonders “Is this all there is to life?” As he contemplates his mortality, he experiences a warm feeling in his chest. His first thought is that he is having the flu, so he lies down hoping it will go away, but instead the pain becomes more intense. His wife calls for an ambulance.

On his way to the hospital the pain increases, until he feels himself moving up and away. He turns around and to his shock and amazement; he sees his body lying there in the ambulance with the paramedic giving him increasing doses of morphine. He thinks, “Oh no I am not ready to die!” at that moment he feels himself move back to his body, turnaround and re-enter it. And at that moment he feels all the pain that he had been feeling previously and he realizes that the pain is only in his physical body, because he felt no pain while he was out of body. He also realizes that his spirit, his soul can exist outside his body, and he no longer has a fear of death!

String theory in quantum mechanics tells us that strings vibrate in higher dimensions of space; ten in all where time is the eleventh dimension. We who are three dimensional, have no perception of those higher dimensions, just as the unborn child in the zero dimensional womb has no perception of our three dimensions into which it is about to be born.

The Infinite Creator of all things and all life Loves His entire creation, and instructs us to return that love and to love Her creation, ourselves, our neighbors, our friends and family, and even those we perceive to be our enemies because they are, after all, part of the creation as well.

It is now clear to me that what we perceive as “death” is a re-birth into those higher dimensions where we shed this three dimensional body, and where all of the wealth and power that are so important to us in this realm are of absolutely no importance in the higher realm.

The purpose of this life, then, is to teach/learn the qualities that are truly important which, we are told, are love and compassion, forgiveness and generosity, patience and kindness, forbearance and self-control. These are the qualities that will sustain us in that higher realm, where the first shall be last, and the last shall be first.

For those who have a problem with “the Seven days of creation” in Genesis, it might help to consider each day to be a Universal Day of two billion earth years. (That’s 14 billion divided by 7 according to my calculations). And please don’t get too hung up on the details, because after all, it was written for Stone Age people to understand and most of them couldn’t even read Hebrew as we, who are literate, do today.
(Not to worry, I don’t read Hebrew either)
Some more interesting reading: “The Elegant Universe”, by Brian Greene

“A Brief History of time” and “The Universe in a Nutshell”, by Stephen Hawking

“The Spiritual Universe”, by Fred Alan Wolf, Ph.D

“Zero”, by Charles Seife

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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Chopping firewood

Chopping Wood Back in the early “80”s, I learned the basics from my auto shop instructor, Mr. Munro. It was an adult night class and so a rather relaxed atmosphere. He lived in Grass Valley on a few acres, so when he needed firewood, he would get a permit from the forest service and cut a tree and haul the logs home to split. He advised me to get an eight pound splitting maul, two steel wedges and a small sledge hammer. A six pound maul is too light weight, and you are more likely to break the handle with a 10. So I took his advice. At about this same time Leland asked me if I would like a load of firewood, as he was hired to cut two large eucalyptus trees and would have to dispose of the wood anyway. So I said “Sure just dump it in the driveway”. When I got home from work that night, there was a very large pile of wood uniformly cut to length varying in size from 4 to 24 inches in diameter. As I recall, it was close to two cords of wood. Eucalyptus is an added challenge because it has a twisted grain with a lot of hidden knots that keep the wood from splitting cleanly. Often times I would swing the maul and it would bounce back as though it was a rubber mallet. I had to mentally and physically concentrate every ounce of energy that I could muster into each down swing. I would hit the wood at various locations trying to get it to merely crack. Many times I would need to turn it upside down until I finally found its weak point. And then as I continued to work on that crack I would often get the maul embedded so fast that I could not extract it, and I would have to use the steel wedges, working one against the other, to open the crack and relieve the pressure on the maul. Most of the time when I drove the wedges to their full length the wood would split and I could extract the wedges, but occasionally I needed to drive them further and the sledge, being too wide to fit inside the split required using an old piece of hickory ax handle as an extension of the wedge. I worked at a desk all day writing computer programs, so I enjoyed the physical challenge of splitting the wood in the evenings after work. In fact, it was great therapy for working off aggression, frustration, and anger. It was a time for meditation and composing poems. When I finished for the evening I was a mellow piece of putty, ready to enjoy wife and babies and supper.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Self esteem

Here are some thoughts that I have gleaned from reading the bible:
Self esteem says “I am as good as you are”.
Humility says “You are as good as I am”.
Pride says “I am better than you are”.
My pride denies your self esteem.
Love is a blend of humility and self esteem, while pride stands on the outside looking in.

The one thing that disturbs me most with Christians today is that so many of them are using the words of Leviticus to support their pride, when they should be using the teachings of Jesus to improve their Love.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

While shopping at Orchard Supply...

We had just parked our truck on a bright warm sunny afternoon, and as we got out we heard some heavy foot falls of someone running. We turned to see a young tall man running as hard as he could across the parking lot. He was carrying what appeared to be a fairly large toolbox. As he passed us, I remember thinking “that feller is in a mighty big hurry”. He jumped into the passenger side of an awaiting vehicle and off they drove. It was only after we turned to walk into the store and saw some employees watching them get away that we realized that we had just witnessed a robbery in broad daylight. How brazen! How foolhardy! They didn’t appear to be armed; there were no shots fired. The vehicle was a large black SUV. Someone noticed that it had Oregon plates, but was too far away to read the number. Were they stealing a toolbox or just practicing for a larger heist? Was the box full of tools or was it full of money? Next time maybe I’ll think to have my cellphone ready to take a picture.

How Long is your Rope?

I figure my rope is at most twenty years. Although it might only be ten years or five years or perhaps five months or maybe only five days. When I was in my twenties, my rope seemed so long I didn’t have to worry about it. I figured it had to be at least seventy years. Well here I am seventy-one and I can tell you seventy is not so long. So I want to enjoy every moment, and I do not want to waste even one of those moments in anger, because I do not enjoy being angry.

Anger is a choice. I do not have to be angry just because someone is angry at me. Anger is what we resort to when we cannot think of any better solution to a problem. It is caused by frustration, or because someone else did something dangerous or stupid, or simply “not my way”.  I resort to anger when I choose not to think.

Anger may also be used to control our children, our employees, our students. But it is not very effective, because all it really accomplishes is to alienate, and drive people away from us. Our children will confide in someone else, employees will seek employment elsewhere, students will not participate in class. There is only one person I can control in this world, and that is myself.

I cannot control another person’s derogatory statements about me, so the best I can do in that regard is to prove my detractor wrong.