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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The Latest New Religion

Have you noticed? There is a wonderful new religion emerging from the ashes of the old, and yet its roots are as deep as any, going back to the
very first questions of mankind. Its proponents make fantastic claims, having answers to the ultimate truths of the physical universe. It disparages the beliefs of all other religions. Does this sound familiar? Its gods are “big bang”, “cosmology”, “quantum mechanics”, “strings that vibrate in higher dimensions”, “dark matter”, all of which conjure more questions than answers. Its followers are smug and self-righteous having no real understanding, but tremendous faith in their illustrious apostles. They blame religion as the cause for all the problems of the world, when in fact it is man’s insatiable propensity for  wrath, greed, sloth, pride, lust, envy which the great prophets have always warned against, and this new religion chooses to ignore. There is no room in the mathematical equations for the spirituality of man, and so this new religion denies the existence of the soul, which is the essence of all other religions. The qualities of Love are compassion, forgiveness, kindness, charity, understanding, temper (temper is a strength; to lose our temper is a weakness).  It is the grace of Love that will save your soul.