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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Things to teach your Children Every Day

Things to teach your Children Every Day:
·       You are a very good person. - It gives them a goal to live up to. Goodness is not about where you’ve been or the mistakes you’ve made; it is a direction, a desire to help yourself and others to improve the quality of life.
·       You are very intelligent – intelligence is the ability to learn anything you want to learn, and you have it. - They will be better students when they know they can.
·       Learn to read and enjoy reading. - Reading is the foundation for all other learning. - In grades 1-3 you learn to read. In grades 4 and up you read to learn. Actually reading lessons begin much earlier as Mom and Dad read and sing to them.
·       IQ is a score on an IQ test. It does not measure a person’s ability to learn to drive a car, or build a house, or learn mathematics, or biology, or physics, or write poetry, or do anything useful. The only thing a high score can do is inflate your ego, so do not let a low score deflate your self-esteem. It only measures a person’s ability to do well on an IQ test.
·       Ignorance is “not knowing something”; it is a human condition, we all have it. The good news is that no matter how much we learn there is, and always will be, more great and exciting things to learn.
·       Love the Creator of life.
·       Love all that He created, yourself your friends and even your enemies.
·       Teach your children to forgive and that by forgiving they will be forgiven.