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Friday, June 24, 2016

Remind ourselves:

Time Capsule Haiku

Ever radiant…
Thirteen thousand light-years out
Adam’s fire still glows.
Remind ourselves:
Occasionally, it is good to remind ourselves
 That our galaxy is 100 thousand light-years in diameter,
 50 thousand light-years in radius,
 and that our solar system is a tiny dot located
30 thousand light-years from the center.
And that it takes 223 million earth years
 for our sun to drag us
 In one complete orbit
Around the center of the Galaxy.
On this grand scale a lifetime of 100 years
 is less than a flash in the pan.
Here is an interesting exercise:
Plot the moon's path around the sun.
To simplify the task,
Assume that each month has exactly 30 days,
 And that there are exactly 12 months in the year,
and that the moon orbits the earth exactly once each month.
Locate the positions
Of each Full Moon
And each New Moon
And each Half Moon.
And then connect the dots.


 To all of my friends
And in particular,
To all of the descendants
Of Bill and Maybelle Wells:
Did you know, and perhaps you do,
That the grandfather of your grandmother Wells
 was a Jewish Rabbi?
As a Rabbi, his first language was Hebrew
 and in fact
 it may have been his only language.
 As we trace our ancestry further back,
(And I mean each and every one of us),
 it becomes clear that our roots extend
to ever continent and nation on this tiny planet,
 and we would not exist without these roots.
Self-Esteem says
“I am as good as you are”
Compassion says
“You are as good as I am”
Pride says
“I am better than you are”
My Pride denies your self-Esteem.
There are two versions of the truth
One is based on Compassion
The other is based on Pride.
The one leads to
The brotherhood of men
The other leads to
Hate and war.
This country was built by immigrants,
many of which spoke only their native tongues
which include English, German, French, Spanish, Hebrew, Tagalog, Arabic, Hausa, Russian…
 to name a few.
As we sing “I Am Proud to be an American”,
we must also be
 Proud of and never forget our ancestry,
Because it is our ancestry
That defines Who we are.