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Monday, April 28, 2014

I believe in Verbs

I believe in verbs
Believing is a verb
Knowing is a verb
Education is a verb
The content of the bible is a verb
The teaching of Jesus is a verb
Our Creator is a verb
“God is a Verb” by David Cooper (A very good book; I had to read it twice)
When science seems to contradict the Bible, we need to reexamine our understanding of the Bible. For example, in the beginning the earth did not exist. All that existed was our infant universe turning on its axis. So the days of creation could only be universal days. It makes sense to me that the universal day is in the magnitude of 2 billion earth years. In my mind this resolves that difference between science and the Bible.

The Bible is not about our physical universe; it is about our Spiritual Universe. It was Our Creator’s best effort to communicate with stone age people (how many thousands of years ago?). Many people today still do not understand much more than those early people.