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Monday, June 16, 2014

Belief and Faith

Consider the difference between belief and faith.
 I believe that the sun is a star 93 million miles away,
 because I have faith in the astronomers' observations and calculations.
 Most of what we think we know
 is actually belief
 based on faith in something.
And when that something is science
We need to bear in mind that
Our science is continually being
The science of today
Is very different
from the science of a hundred years ago,
when Einstein was still working on his
theories of Relativity.
And when that something is the Bible,
(unless we are reading the original Hebrew text)
It is continually being re-translated.
Consequently, no matter what we are studying,
We need to rely on our own ability
To think and reason
Rather than blindly accept the author’s view.
For example, I find it difficult to believe
That the universe was created in seven earth days,
 so it occurred to me that perhaps the problem
lies in our understanding;
perhaps the seven days of creation are universal days,
where the universe turns on its axis
every two billion Earth years.
It sounds reasonable, logical, and believable to me.
Now if you are a cosmologist
You may think this idea is totally ludicrous,
which is perfectly OK with me.
On the other hand, if you are a die-hard Bible thumper and
You insist that the days of creation can only be Earth days
Then that is OK with me too.
I will not argue the point either way,
Because I don’t like to argue and
 I am happy with my reasoning,
And I truly want you to be happy with yours.  

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