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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

My Birthday thoughts

December 5, 2016
Today I have turned seventy-six.
And I thank you, for all of your best wishes.
Before the election, one of my friends said,
“I hope God is in control”
My response is Our creator IS in control,
And always has been 
Since the first Universal Day of creation
14 billion earth-years ago,
Before the earth existed.
He created and destroyed the dinosaurs
He created and destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah,
And no matter who wins this election,
He is still in control.
“What profits a man,
If he gains the world
And loses his soul?”
Why does our Creator
Allow all of the bad stuff to happen?
You may well ask.
My response is:
Our Creator gave us many gifts.
Among those gifts
Are the ability to think and reason,
And the freedom
 to make our own choices.
He also gave us clear instructions
As to what the wise choices are.
When we choose to ignore
Those instructions
We suffer the consequences.
When I find myself
Suffering the consequences
I go back
And revisit
Those wise instructions.
And I find myself revisiting them a lot.

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